Trying to be a Mangaka

Okay like I siad before I wont be able to post all the time. Anyways.... Im gonna try to be a mangaka. One step forward to being a graphic designer when I graduate from high school. The story Im doing is not mine it belongs to a kid at my school. Well....... hope everyone liking my blog


 Here's a new Jynx evolution. I found it while at school on the computer.(can't get on much on the school computer) And yes it is a real evolution. It has real graphics from the game on the bottom right hand corner. Well thats all for today. See you all later.-Serperiorheart      P.S. HATERS GONNA HATE 


Today was my first day of school..... Just so you know Im not going to be on here all the time. :(  Okay i found something on bing about X and Y; the new pokemon game coming out for 3ds.... there's probaly a new pikachu evolution.f:id:Serperiorheart:20130820060207j:plain Im not sure its true but you'll never know.-SerperiorHeart

If your crazy about pokemon like me then join this group................ I just want to know if anyone out there is interested about it. You don't have to know about pokemon to know about it. Hope anyone joins.-SerperiorHeart





Hello, my name is SerperiorHeart. This is my first blog so........ if any one's interested as you can tell.... i'm interested in pokemon as my name states. I'm not really a talker. Im what you call a lonewolf at my school. I like it that way though. Im in marching band also and everyone is fun crazy. Anyways..... Id appreciate someone liking this. ps I LOVE FERRISWHEELSHIPPING :)